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Forensic Data Collections For Law Firms, Corporations, and Individuals

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Trial Services For Law Firms, Corporations, and Individuals

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Proper Planning of Your Data Collection or Trial Services Project will Significantly Reduce Your Overall Costs

Links has been the industry leader since 2013 in offering high-quality Forensic Data Collection and Trial Services. We have built a long and successful track record of helping clients win their cases, identify their risks and controlling their costs.

We are the top choice for law firms, corporations, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

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Our Team Will Travel to You

Whether you require courtroom trial services, a remote collection, or an onsite collection, our team will work with you to go through the list of factors that will ensure a successful outcome. We have testified in state and federal courtrooms, have assisted our clients in all phases of the litigation process and have successfully aided numerous clients in a wide range of projects that include onsite searching, artificial intelligence assisted review or hot seat consultants.

  • Forensic Data Collections
  • Trial Services
  • Onsite Searching, Filtering and Processing
  • Internal Investigations
  • Project Consulting
  • Data Reviews