Trial Services

Headed to trial? Let our Trial Services team help!

We bring years of courtroom experience to your litigation team. With our assistance, your team can focus on case theory, strategy, and the law, rather than how, where, and when the exhibits will be displayed in court.

Why Choose Links Data?


Our consultants are experts at the best selling trial presentation solutions on the market.


Our consultants are dedicated to you and your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Links Data's experienced litigation and trial professionals have been helping legal teams win cases for over 30 years.

Pre-trial and Hot Seat Consultants

Links Data Pre-trial and Hot Seat consultants bring years of experience directly to your litigation team. We focus on ensuring smooth trial preparation, courtroom audio/visual setup, and presentation so that you can focus on winning the case.

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Expertly Prepared 3D Models and Illustrations

A visual representation can make or break your case. When you need a stunning visual presentation to capture the attention of your audience, our graphics team can deliver. Full service, admissible, legal-grade graphics and graphical annotations.

Deposition Video & Transcript Synchronization

Links Data's video products and services put the power of persuasion in your hands. Our video technicians are trained in the very best quality control processes, assuring your audio and video files are processed correctly and on time.

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