Evidence Storage & Data Hosting

What is Evidence Storage?

Once your data has been forensically collected, it will need to be preserved and stored as evidence. Links Data can maintain and store a preservation copy for you. A preservation copy is not your working copy that is used for any downstream tasks like analysis, processing, review, etc.

Although, your data may be in a preservation or storage state, there are still reports and insights that our team can provide that may assist clients with their project timelines and strategies. 

We can maintain storage of your preservation evidence dataset for as long as is required for a legal matter or by state law or federal law guidelines. At the end of your project or matter, Links Data will also handle the destruction of your preservation evidence dataset. Once this is completed, a certificate of destruction can be provided.

What is Data Hosting?

Data Hosting is different than Evidence Storage in that data hosting requires end user access to your data. This access is often done by legal review teams or internal investigation teams. Links Data has long term and established relationships in place with all of the leading Data Hosting software companies to allow for seamless planning and access to this stage of your project. Additionally, Links Data can easily work with any existing contracts our clients may already have in place with E-Discovery software or service providers.

In many cases, Links Data will utilize the Reveal Hosting Platform. Links Data is a Certified Reveal Partner and has staff available to handle this important phase of our clients projects.

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