Forensic Data Collection

We Approach Every Data Collection Project With the End Goal in Mind

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On-Site Forensic Data Collection for When Your Data Can’t Leave the Scene

We understand that sometimes sensitive data can’t simply leave the organization or a personal account. Therefore, our On-Site Data Forensics team is ready to deploy to your location. Let our Data Forensics experts come to you and preserve the digital evidence, do the work required to have a successful data collection and provide you with all of the options available to collect, search and filter your data before it leaves the scene.

Links Data
Links Data

On-Site Data Processing for When Your Data Can’t Leave the Scene

Some projects are so sensitive that Data Processing needs to occur on-site at your office or home. Links Data can provide the software, hardware, licensing and experts to handle these types of complex projects. Data Processing on-site means you have full searchability across your data before it leaves the scene. The less data leaving means the less data to be reviewed.

Remote Data Collection for When Your Data Can’t Leave the scene

Many devices, accounts or data sources can be collected remotely. Our team of Data Forensics experts can work with you to see when and where remote services can be employed to lessen the impact to your business or personal time. This is always done with your data security and privacy in mind.

Links Data

There are many factors that will determine if your data can be successfully collected remotely (please be aware of other companies that may over promise what is possible and legally defensible).

Our team will work with you to go through the list of factors that will ensure a successful remote data collection outcome.